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Easi-RockIts – the VX Club in Huby

VX?  What’s that?  Well, the BBC called it ‘the best sport you’ve never heard of’ and Easi-RockIts is the oldest established VX Club in the world.

VX is the simplest sport there is – no goals, no zones, no markings, no targets.  The recipe is said to be ‘a little lacrosse, a dash of dodgeball, a hint of hockey and a pinch of pelota.’  It’s a sport for all ages and all abilities and players can be playing within ten minutes!

It is played both in teams and singles.  The Easi-RockIts sessions focus on the team versions.  Each player carries a double-ended thrower/catcher called a VstiX.  Balls are tennis-ball sized but are much softer. Normally played in two teams of 5 with 5 balls in play the aim is to hit your opponents with the balls (each hit scores 1 point) or catch an opponent’s throw (scores 3 points).    Once the balls are kicked in players can go anywhere and, crucially, it is a game of honesty. When a player is hit (s)he is not out – (s)he raises his/her hand, the referee records the point and indicates to the player to play on, so there are no stops!

It’s fast, it’s furious but most important of all – it’s fantastic fun!

Easi-RockIts seniors train in Huby Memorial Village Hall on Monday evenings and cater for players aged 14 and above.  Easi Juniors train at Outwood Academy Easingwold Monday evenings 6pm-7pm

In the past Easi have won the Minster FM Team of the Year Award and Easi players have won regional, national titles and international titles in both team and singles disciplines.

Easi are delighted to be back after Covid and are always keen to welcome new players.

For more information contact Assistant Coach Karen Bruin on 07944 947732 or

Achieve your 2022 fitness goals with VMS Personal Training!

Huby resident, Tori Sharp, has launched her new personal training business – VMS Personal Training – with the aim of helping locals achieve their goals of feeling fitter, moving better and losing weight.

She offers a range of services including:  

Mobile Personal Training;  
Specialising in Weight loss and Pre and Postnatal exercise and Nutrition;
Offering 1:1 or small group training sessions;

She has started a female only fitness class every Monday evening between 7.30-8.30pm at Sutton-on-the-Forest Village Hall. Booking is available on a week by week basis and is only £5 per session.

You can call Tori or send her a message to save your place or to enquire about one to one training sessions.

Contact details: 

01347 8104720 / 7493 887505

VMS Personal Training