Huby Women’s Institute

theWI_Logo_IW_RGB_2col-cropped-for-website-headerHuby Women’s Institute, part of a national organisation, has been in existence for 80 years; despite the difficulties of the war years, essential fund-raising & ageing membership the institute is on-going & thriving. It provides an interesting & thought provoking outlet for the women of Huby.

Any WI has as much to do with leisure as learning. Despite the cliché it is not all jam making, singing Jerusalem nor posing for calendars. One purpose is that it acknowledges drifts in social change, robustly supports a variety of campaigns & visibly gives opinion on social & health issues. Not only does the WI entertain but it educates & there is much to appreciate in the local organisation’s programmes. Once the effort has been made to get involved, even to sit watch & listen, there is no problem in being accepted.
Huby WI runs an interesting & changing programme of various activities; excellent speakers, theatre & cinema visits, a rambling group as well as an annual trip to a place of historic interest are some of the events we offer.

It offers the time to engage in topical & relevant issues in the village & discussions of ideas for a new generation. The local WI has a remarkable record of ensuring that sick members are visited regularly & it aids in the collection of medication for housebound or villagers lacking transport.

Huby WI is anxious to increase its membership for current members are concerned that this long established organisation may lose its viability due to the natural order of ageing & mobility. It will be regretful if this stalwart of Huby’s social activities is lost to a new generation of village ladies.

Any lady, young or old, would be most welcome at any of the monthly meetings. There is the opportunity for three free taster visits before the possibility of membership is broached.

Monthly meetings are held on the third Wednesday in Huby Chapel at 7.45pm.

Please feel free to come along and see what we are about.